The Relevance of Art in Practical Living

For avoiding any kind of doubt, the idea of arts can literally be viewed from two perspectives. Arts can be understood as a subject that an individual can study at university or school on one hand. Arts is basically a subject that is not scientific meaning it does not employ scientific procedures. Subjects like languages, history, literature and learning are appropriate examples of arts subjects. On the other hand, arts can be interpreted as different types of creative activities based on the imaginative and skillful expression of feelings, ideas, events and actions. Theatre, music, literature and art like drawing, painting and sculpture are things that make up arts. Here, we will be discussing the second understanding of arts. Arts can be classified into three forms and they are:

  • Literary arts comprising of prose, poetry and drama
  • Visual arts encapsulating all sorts of creative activities in the field of applied and fine arts like painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture and textile.
  • Performing arts comprising of dance, music and theatre.

So, what is the relevance of all the above mentioned art forms in practical living? We will get an idea below:

Aesthetic Value

Arts have face value and great beauty in addition to having intrinsic qualities. People are generally found talking about the beauty of a story, a wall art painting or a play. The beauty factor generally applies to visual arts meaning the arts that can be seen and admired. These include sculpture, painting and drawing. There are many people who visit art exhibitions and they do this for discovering, beholding and admiring the beauty of different works of art. The ones who can afford the exhibited items purchase them and use them for the purpose of interior decoration. It really feels and looks wonderful to walk into a room that is well-furnished and decorated with wall art paintings that are worth beholding. They serve as great status symbols.

Financial Value

Arts of all kinds are lucrative ventures for the serious-minded artists. Arts practitioners or the ones who are good at dancing, painting, creating music or writing poems and stories can make a good living out of their practice. There are many examples that we can come across when we carry out a search on some of the most famous artists in the world. Arts practitioners in the film industry at present make good earnings by using their creative instincts in dance and music. Besides, different works of art like paintings and sculptures are considered highly valuable.

Relaxation and Entertainment

Various art forms like dance and music and even poetries and stories offer a type of amusement, relaxation and entertainment. Not only relaxation and entertainment, but art forms like drawings and sculptures also have a story to tell to the onlookers. They serve as an inspiration for people and help them in enhancing their lives for the good.

Preserving Culture

Arts also helps in preserving the culture of the people. Art is one of the most integral parts of culture and culture is the practices, customs, beliefs, social organization and way of life. There are many aspects of different cultural practices in the world that would have been easily forgotten or lost but they are still restored and recaptured through arts.